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About Us

Alt Image Design

Connecting your business with local customers.

Since 2019, Alt Image Design has been a powerhouse for small business advertising in Perth WA. Providing local businesses affordable, cost effective advertising & marketing services.

Alt Image Design have been proven to bring greater results compared to other marketing agencies thanks to our highly competitive pricing and accurate targeted advertising campaigns that will have new customers discovering your business every week.

Don't believe us?

Tell our team your advertising budget and we'll meet it or beat it in price. It's the Alt Image Design's guarantee.

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The Alt Image Design studio is located in Hamilton Hill, just 5 minute drive from Fremantle, the heart of creative & artistic culture in Western Australia. The studio houses a powerful Apple Mac editing machine, capable of creating creative, professional and awe inspiring work.

In-studio photography & video room with bright and robust LED lighting, award winning canon DSLR's. All capable of capturing your business in stunning quality. Green-screens, set's & custom backdrops all available on site.

Social media management tool's that allow us to see more than the average facebook & instagram user when it comes to your online accounts. Find and pick-up on ways to further find customers locally through targeted advertising and branding your business online.

Perth's chosen advertising studio for trades & contractors.

A number of Perth's local community of contractors & trades rely on Alt Image Design to advertise & expand their current customer base. Providing hard working local businesses like you with quote hungry customers straight to your inbox.

Our trade & contractor orientated clients report needing to increase the number of employee's onsite within 6 months of advertising with Alt Image Design.

Alt Image Design aims to target the customers that need you the most. Actively searching and updating your marketing campaign monthly across all major online & social media platforms. 

All for the lowest cost WA has on offer.

We understand you need to spend money to make money, but when you have to spend $3000 to make $4000 then you know something is wrong.

Alt Image Design has business advertising packages from as low as $150 a week, helping generate revenue within the $1000's.

Core Services

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Campaign Management

Advertisement Design

Certified in Creative Industries - Media

2021 Statistics

Up to 50% of all Perth residents saw atleast 1 advertisement by Alt Image Design in 2021.

Some clients saw 11% more clicks compared to their competitors in the same price range.

Alt Image Design clients monthly advertising costs we're x2 lower than our competitors.

More local business owners signed up with Alt Image Design during 2021 than any other year previously.

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